A Glass Bathtub For The Stylish Exhibitionist

Design-driven architecture firm Stern McCafferty created a striking bathroom that has an aquarium-style tub as its centerpiece. Not a concept, this lovely tub is actually installed in a house at the South End of Boston.

The tub uses a thick piece of clear glass sandwiched between two tile walls to create its see-through effect. It's like nothing I have ever seen. After the awe has worn off, I am left with one burning question. Did the owners install it in their house for its artistic statement or do they throw caution (and clothes) to the wind and actually use it? [Boston Home via Apartment Therapy and Likecool]


    Put a hairy fat guy in it with some dirty bath water and it probably wouldn't look quite so lovely.

      When are you ever in a habit of watching fat, hairy guys bathe?

      Put a fat, hairy guy in anything and it won't look lovely.

    I cant see it would be very comfortable to lie back and relax in. All looks and no practicality.

    Oh gods... Imagine- one foot in the bath, one outside, and you slip.
    I hope there's a safer way to get in there.

    The whole thing doesn't look particularly structurally sound to me. Call me crazy but I wouldn't like 80 litres of water wedged up against my bathroom wall, tiles or not.

    why would you picture a fat hairy guy before a fit gorgeous woman. the latter alone makes me want one!

    Not any harder to keep clean than a shower, and I don't see how it's impractical at all, how is it less practical than a normal bath?

    I want. Although this would be better if it was outside. There is nothing quite like having a bath in the rain. I helped install one in a position terrace backyard. It was lovely

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