360-Degree, 10-Gigapixel View From Inside A Stadium

360-Degree, 10-Gigapixel View From Inside A Stadium

Jeffrey Martin, the master of gigapixel pictures, has brought us inside Wembley Stadium during a live soccer game. Like his previous iterations, you get to pan, zoom, pull and see a moment frozen in time. And as alway, it’s amazing.

The game was actually an important one, with Manchester City taking on Stoke City for the FA Cup. Martin stood on the sideline with his gear and robotic rig and snapped 1000 pictures, trying to stay away from any soccer ball that flew his way. He wanted to stitch the pictures together quickly, so fans could tag themselves right after the game, so he did the post processing on a special Fujitsu workstation with 192 gigabytes of RAM and 24 CPU cores.

This might be my favourite gigapixel image yet because it captures 90,000 people in action – I mean, there was a big game going on! – and still managed to do it in clear detail. Check out the 360-degree image here. [Wembley 360 via Engadget]

Look how close you can see them soccer fans!

I love how the stadium is split into red and blue.

Here’s Martin doing a test run