What Is Your First Internet Memory?

Two Gizmodo colleagues, one former and one current, are currently discussing their first Internet memories as I type out this sentence. Sam Biddle abused his father’s AOL screenname in the name of Valentine’s Day advice, while Jon Herrman rocked Hootie.

The whole conversation, which I just creeped on Twitter and did not partake in, got me thinking of a great question for a lazy Sunday afternoon:

What is your first Internet (or online) memory?

I’ll kick it off with what I believe is mine: Connecting to a local game store’s BBS to play a little MUDD. Geektastic! It worked, like, 25% of the time and the modem’s chimes quickly became a little tune that I definitely had made lyrics to, but can’t remember today. I’m so incredibly ancient at 29 years old!

On the AOL side of things, I definitely remember cruising the “warez” chatrooms and contaminating my parents’ PowerMac with all manner of sketchy software, Anarchist’s Cookbook excerpts and CC# number generators. All for research purposes, naturally.

Again, what’s yours? Comment, comment.