Vodafone Pushing Galaxy Tab 10.1v Launch Back To May

Originally, the Voda-exclusive Galaxy Tab 10.1v was due to hit shelves in mid-April. Today, the Telco has announced that it will officially launch May 4, with pre-orders available from April 20. They're also throwing a free case to purchases for Vodafone customers. [Vodafone]


    Hey Nick, are we going to see a review from you on this or will it just be that small one you put up a few weeks ago?

    Could this be because people aren't interested in A) Vodafone or B) An outdated product Vodafone has purchased so they can feel special.

    What is outdated about the 10.1v?

      Samsung superseded this yet-to-be-launched 10.1 after seeing how thin ipad 2 is. They have no intention of launching this original model in the US, so they have to find another loser to help them sell it. The v stands for vodafone, which should be called 10.1f (fail) or 10.1vf (vodafail) to be appropriate. Two losers won't make a winner.

        Whoa, there, fanboy! Have a look at the spec difference between the 10.1 and the 10.1v - they downgraded the cameras to lighten it up so it is lighter and thinner than the iPad 2. Both units are specced with Tegra 2s, and with a GB of RAM, and both have cameras way better than the iPad. incidentally, we're talking about a difference of 2mm thickness and about 50g weight. Where exactly is the fail?

        It's hardly Samsung's fault that Voda has network issues at the moment - and it's not like Optus are much better. You can also buy the unit from Voda and stick in a Telstra SIM if you buy it outright. Oh, but since it has been revised it must be a fail both times? What?

          Where exactly is the fail??? The revised 10.1 is a vapor-ware, a theoritical products. Yes, theoritically it will be thinner, lighter, faster, bla..bla... But where is it??? Samsung can't even show the working model when they launched the revised 10.1. Better specs? Of course, so is the theoritical iPad 3, you need a time machine to the future, buy one, so you can make a valid argument. By the way, travelling in time is possible, at least theoritically, just ask Prof. Michio Kaku.
          P.S. I'm a tech-polygamist, I love iOS and android equally.

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