Tron: Legacy Will Hit Foxtel On Demand On DVD Release Day

I'm sure lots of Giz readers have already placed their pre-orders for Tron: Legacy ahead of its April 20 release and are planning to spend the whole Easter weekend hanging with Kevin Flynn. But if you don't fancy paying $50 or so for the 3D/Blu-ray combo, you'll also be able to download on-demand versions from Foxtel in 3D, HD or SD (masochist!) on the very same date.A 48-hour rental on Tron: Legacy 3D will add a not-too-porky $7 to your monthly Foxtel bill (HD is $5.95, SD is $5.50). Part of me can't help thinking that anyone who is sporting the kind of gear that you'd need to actually watch Tron in 3D needs to actually own as much 3D content as possible to justify their investment. But if your disc gets lost in the mail, I guess it's a potentially useful backup option.


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