This USB Cartridge Could Turn Your Analogue Camera Digital

Photographers who want to go digital but can't bring themselves to get rid of their analogue cameras have something to lust for. RE35 understands your plight and has come up with a digital cartridge than fits into any 35mm camera.

The RE-35 cartridge has a pull-out sensor, instead of film, that records your images in the cartridge's built-in memory. The cartridge connects to your PC or Mac via USB so you can transfer images and charge the cartridge.

It's supposed to ship in the spring in 4MP, 8MP and 12MP sizes. Let's just hope this isn't some elaborate leftover April Fool's joke. [RE35 via PopSci]



    Seems like it's a fake:

      Yep, fake. Translation below from the company commisioned

      That's a real shame,.. I really liked the idea of revamping my old Canon Eos 5 35ml. I've tried to find a digital back for it with no success. :[

      Good spot Tim!! Shame on you Husain!! LOL damn it, i want one.

    Prepare to be disappointed.

    Jesus Christ! Check your sources man.

    You've even pointed out that it might be a fake. How long would it take to google this before you publish?

    Pity it's a prank 'cos it's a bloody good idea.
    I have a 35mm Canon EOS sitting in a cupboard looking for some love. I had an idea to replace the camera's back cover with a LCD + CCD + storage peripheral that could could somehow use the wind-on mechanism to trigger the photo taking. But like most of my brilliant ideas, I don't have the necessary skills to actually make it physical :(

      stevjosco: Pity it’s a prank ‘cos it’s a bloody good idea... But like most of my brilliant ideas, I don’t have the necessary skills to actually make it physical

      Nor does anyone else, stevjosco. Pity.

    Yep, it's a joke. Please update this webpage and prevent others from uncontrollable gadget lust and eBay-fuelled manual camera buying sprees. :)

    This was a concept back when digital cameras were stupidly expensive... I still don't understand why someone hasn't gone out and made it!

    Just checking, but the link suggests this was published on the Australian Pop Sci before it was pulled. true?

    I jizzed a little reading that, now a little bit shamed and grumpy.

    Yup, confirmed fake. Check

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