The Worst Royal Wedding Merchandise Offenders

The Worst Royal Wedding Merchandise Offenders

Every marketing manager and his dog has dreamt up a little royal wedding cash-cow in time for the nuptials tomorrow. But which gift should you buy – either to send to the newlyweds, or to sheath in plastic wrap and bury under your bed for the grandchildren, who’ll only wrinkle their noses and toss it in the bin 60 years down the track?

None of these, that much is for sure. Click through the gallery for the full eyesore treatment.

Microsoft’s so thrilled with the impending nuptials, that they’re flogging posters comprised of dozens of little mini Kate ‘n Wills paparazzi shots. You can zoom in on the site, or pay £10.99 for your own toilet wall-hanging. [MSN royal mosaic]

No, one can’t buy these royal Pez dispensers – not that one would’ve liked to, when one already owns a perfectly fine corgi dispenser. They sold for £8200 ($12,500) at auction on eBay, which is about £8198 more than I paid for my perfectly good Mario dispenser. Itsa Pez time! [eBay via E Online]

Protect your crown jewels so you can give your Kate a royal wave without the possibility of being usurped by your offspring. Just £8 ($12) for a pack of three, or £20 ($30) for nine. [Crown Jewels condoms]

No, this isn’t Photoshopped. At least, we didn’t Photoshop it. I doubt I could ever possibly dream of something more horrific than a GE fridge plastered in the royal mugs. [GE]

“This delightful bone china mug depicts the happy couple in a cute cartoonish way.” Try garish and ghoulish. £11 $17) to ye of no eyes. [Maiden]

This is more like it! Royal wedding sick bags – for the royal throne up if you get well and truly sick on their big day. Just £3 ($5). [Lydia Leith]

You’ve probably seen this Kate Middleton lookalike before. Heck, you may’ve even tried bidding for it on eBay. But can you name which flavour it is? I think I can smell the whiff of desperation from here. [The Telegraph]

If we all wish upon the first star we see tonight, do you think we could make Kate wear these New Balance sneakers under her dress tomorrow? If anything, they’ll get her down that aisle faster, which means everyone can start drinking earlier. Everyone’s a winner! [New Balance]