The Scariest Car Accident Ever Caught On Video

The Scariest Car Accident Ever Caught On Video

As this amazing video shows, once you see what a simple wooden plank can do to a windshield, you may never drive again without 8-gauge steel armour and a periscope. You’ll also remember why it’s so ridiculously stupid to take cameraphone video while driving.

A 2004 report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that vehicle-related road debris (VRRD), or material – vehicle parts or cargo – that’s been been unintentionally discharged from a vehicle onto the roadway, causes an estimated 25,000 crashes per year and nearly 100 deaths. Supposedly, this guy got lucky and wasn’t harmed.

But he’s also an idiot of an unparalleled level for videotaping the road with his mobile phone while he was driving.

Note: Because of the amazing nature of this video, we tried to find out where and when this took place. We’ve yet to hear back.

Republished from Jalopnik