The Popularity Of Web Browsers, Visualised

The browser wars may seem to have heated up only recently, but! Browsers have been slugging it out for your attention since as early as 1994. And this infographic, which actually lays things out in a visually interesting way instead of just throwing a bunch of numbers on a few squiggly lines, shows just how the parries and thrusts have gone.

I'll say this for Opera: at least it's consistent. [Favbrowser via Dvice]


    Why so little acknowledgement of the features in Opera, many of them pioneered by Opera?

      Especially tabbed browsing. IMSMR it came into Opera in version 4 (via plugin) and properly in version 5. I first used Opera 3.21 back in the day (on my 486 with Windows 3.11) and it was much faster than IE4/NN4.

      why? WHY??? surely this diagram is answer enough!

      look at it's pitiful girth over it's entire, massive life time...

      For most of its life its been shareware and the market didn't want to pay to use a web browser. By the time it became free Firefox had already established itself.

      I also think it suffers a bit of the same problem that late versions of Netscape did in that it attempts to be a browser with a kitchen sink thrown in. If people want a large feature set they go firefox for the extensions, otherwise they go for the slim Chrome. Opera walks an awkward road in between the two that doesn't resonate with a lot of users.

      They certainly are pioneers of many things, but that doesn't mean they've ever packaged it in a way that consumers want.

    Wow, Opera has been around for a lot longer than I thought.
    Interesting to see the correlation between IE losing popularity and Firefox beginning, and also Chrome's affect on Firefox popularity.

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