The April Fools Jokes We Wish Were Real

Is there a lower form of comedy than spending a day making up rubbish and trying to trick people into believing it, even though everybody knows that it's BS? Probably not. But that doesn't mean some of the concepts aren't lustworthy. Here are the ones we liked.

The New Apple TV The team at Amnesia Razorfish probably whipped this up in a couple of seconds between coffees this morning, but the end results look amazing. The new look Apple TV is actually a TV with a gesture based control system. Social networking is worked directly into the programming, as is the ability to purchase any item from your favourite show. Even though this is fake, being able to buy a Battlestar Galactica Viper from the comfort of the lounge should appeal to anyone. [Amnesia Razorfish]

The iiNet Petabyte plan A Petabyte of data. More data than you could use in a decade, but iiNet supposedly offering it as a monthly plan. Too good to be true! Although just like upsizing at a fast food restaurant, sometimes you want to enjoy the challenge of buying more than you could possibly need... iiNet also put a lot of effort into the video. [iiNet]

That's it. They're the only ones that actually sounded kinda cool to us. Anything tickle your fancy on this most tedious of days?


    Best comment ever from

    "I’d just like to announce that Kogan will be bringing out our own gesture based TV long before this Apple rubbish hits the shelf. It will include a built in App where you can smack Gerry Harvey’s gonads about the screen as the TV boots up."


    These would be pretty excellent.

    Would have loved AdBlock Freedom to be real.

    gesture control? There's this thing called kinect...

    Interesting system... except it runs on Apple.Either that or Windows is a deal breaker.
    Ugh, April fools fantasy turns into a nightmare.

    in order to physically be able to download a petabyte in a month, you would need a 3.2gbits/sec connection! running 24/7!

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