Seven PCs On One Broadband Connection? You’re Not Alone

Seven PCs On One Broadband Connection? You’re Not Alone

Whirlpool’s annual survey of broadband-loving tech fiends is a great insight into what Australians think about the NBN, as well our ability to pay our broadband bills. But that’s not all: it also tells us that there are apparently 1.4 million Australians who have seven or more computers running off a single broadband connection.

According to the survey, 6.3% of respondents have seven or more computers (and no, that doesn’t include tablets or phones or consoles) consuming their broadband. If we extrapolate that out across a population of 22,500,000, that means there are 1,417,500 people around the country who have an active computer for every day of the week. Coincidentally, this is also the exact number of people who have seen every Star Wars flick more than once. (OK, I may have made that up, and it may be statistically dubious in the extreme to extrapolate 23,000-odd Whirlpool respondents to the general population. This is what Tuesdays do to you.)

Other gadget-centric facts from this year’s results:

  • PCs aside, the most commonly connected gadgets are mobile phones (59.5%), consoles (47.7%), Internet TV connectors (21.8%) and tablets (18.1%).
  • The most popular model of router in the survey was Billion, though its share of 23.9% doesn’t exactly make it a dominant player.
  • Only 31.2% of respondents see wireless broadband as a serious option for home Internet access. Malcolm Turnbull may be one of these people.

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