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After five years and an uncountable number of posts - no really, there's no system to count how many posts I've done - this is probably the most difficult one I've had to write. Starting next Monday, I say goodbye to Gizmodo and head on over to Lifehacker.

How do I say farewell to the best job I've ever had? I have no idea. Do I make a list of all my favourite posts? Go through all the incredible times I've shared with all the amazing people that have passed through here over the half decade? Or do thank you guys, the readers, who through your constant reading, made me believe that I could not just do whatever the hell it is we're doing around here, but succeed at it.

So Gizmodo will go on, of course, and it will thrive. I'd like to think that in my years here, I've managed to inject a little bit of my seed into everyone, so that my brand of informative nonsense carries on, even when I leave. It will be weird enjoying Giz again as a reader, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure they'll make me proud.

But if you do enjoy my writing, it would be fantastic if you made a little time in your day to visit Lifehacker. I'm going to be doing some pretty interesting things over there - things that aren't quite what you would expect from Lifehacker. I'm excited. Excited to be doing something new and challenging.

So thank you my friends and colleagues, for making this the best five years any guy could hope to have. I'll see you all soon.

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    We'll miss you, Jason-- your posts were not only informative, but quite funny at the same time; a joy to read. I wish you all the best with your ventures over at Lifehacker, and I look forward to reading your posts.

    All the best,

    Thanks and good luck!

    I worked it out:
    You made a total of 3677 posts.

    (10 posts per page of your archive, 368 pages, only 7 on the last page).

    dude .... it's been a pleasure receiving your seed.

    Well done sir. You've written so many amazing articles. Soooo over to lifehacker for iPhone 5? Lol.

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