Russians Deny *Wink* Sex Has Taken Place In Space *Wink Wink*

Russians Deny *Wink* Sex Has Taken Place In Space *Wink Wink*

Sex in space: Out of this world! Allegedly, I mean, as it’s never been conducted by astronauts (in space, at least) or, as we learned this weekend courtesy the completely stuffy Russian government, cosmonauts:

“There is no official or unofficial evidence that there were instances of sexual intercourse or the carrying out of sexual experiments in space,” Valery Bogomolov, the deputy director of the Moscow-based Institute of Biomedical Problems, told the news agency Interfax. “At least, in the history of Russian or Soviet space exploration, this most certainly was not the case.”


NASA, as we all probably know by now, has stated several times in the past that there’s been absolutely zero hanky-panky in orbit, on the ISS, in a shuttle or with green eggs and ham. They’ve said this repeatedly, even though there is no official policy on sex in space within the agency.

That sounds like a challenge to me or a little of the ol’ “thou dost protest too much”, but I’ve never been in space locked up tight with a bunch of other fit, wickedly intelligent scientists and military men and women so what do I know. [MSNBC]