8 Tools To Help You Grow A Nice Green Garden

8 Tools To Help You Grow A Nice Green Garden

Despite the images of dirt and hand tools, gardening can be an activity for gadgetheads, too. I mean, you still have to be (mostly) into dirt, the sun, and leaving the house, but don’t think you can’t throw a few fun toys into the mix – including fire, robots and LEDs. Let’s plant!

Red Dragon Weed Dragon: Pulling weeds out with your hands sucks. That’s why you should LIGHT THOSE THINGS ON FIRE. The Weed Dragon connects to a propane tank and spits out 100,000 BTUs of vapour flame to scorch that unwanted flora away. There’s even a backpack kit for this thing, but if you want to use it, it’s mandatory that you look like you’re having more fun than this guy. $US55.[imgclear]

Husqvarna Solar-Powered Automower: If you garden in your backyard, you probably have a lawn, and that needs to look nice too. But how can you spend your time mastering the zen of gardening if you have to labour through menial tasks like mowing? Let the robots do it for you. Husqvarna’s robot mower can cover just over a half acre of land, runs off solar power and can be controlled with your iPhone, making it an efficient machine in multiple ways. $US3000.[imgclear]

Noodlehead Sprinkler: Sometimes, getting water to all parts of the garden is challenging if you’re trying not to be wasteful. The Noodlehead has 12 bendable sprayheads that let you direct water to the parts of your garden that actually need it. $US12.[imgclear]

Aero Garden Indoor Garden: If you lack a backyard like I do, but want to get in on the horticultural fun, an indoor garden might be your best option. The Aero Garden doesn’t use dirt to facilitate growth, but rather oxygenated water that’s circulated through specially created sponges. It’s capable of growing small vegetables and herbs that you can begin harvesting in a matter of weeks. $US170.[imgclear]

Botanicalls Plant Sensor: Do you treat your indoor plants like shit? If you stick a Botanicalls sensor in its pot, your plant will tweet at you when you’re being neglectful of its water needs. $US100.[imgclear]

Illuminator UFO LED Grow Light: Indoor agriculture is quickly gaining popularity, and not just among cannabis connoisseurs. LED lighting is a vital tool for those growing indoor vegetables, as plants can harness specific wavelengths of the highly efficient LED lights, leading to quicker growth. The Illuminator UFO is a favourite among small-time enthusiasts, and it can be used to light a garden thats 2.7m in diameter. $US300.[imgclear]

pH Soil Sensor: Just like knowing what time of year to plant, how often you need to water it, and how much light it should have, knowing what kind of soil your plant thrives is essential. A pH sensor will tell you if your soil is more acidic or alkaline, which will help you pick the best crops for that patch of land. $US30.