Motorola Wants You To Dock Its Phones In The Car

Motorola Wants You To Dock Its Phones In The Car

 title=We’ve already ranted about the need for Google to mandate a uniform plug connector position so Android can develop a robust peripheral market, but Motorola has decided that docks for its mobile phones is an in-house job. The company has just launched in-car docks for the Milestone 2 and Defy handsets.

One of the benefits of having its own docking solution is that Motorola can create a pretty intelligent solution to docking. When you slide the phones into the dock, the phone automatically launches into a special in-car menu mode, where the screen converts to six large, square, customisable icons to make controlling your phone simple in the car, much like a dedicated satnav.

Motorola have also launched a free voice control app on the market place to allow you to control the handset with the power of your voice, be it searching for local cafes, navigating to an address or skipping through music tracks.

At $70, each cradle is kind of pricey, especially considering you’re likely to replace your handset every couple of years. But it will allow you to replace your satnav using Google’s Navigation software, which could justify the expense.