Microsoft: IE10 Will Not Be Supported On Windows Vista

Microsoft has spoken: Internet Explorer 10 will not run on Windows Vista - not in its developer form now, nor when the software ships later. Meaning they're officially the first browser developer to drop support for Vista. Ironic. [ComputerWorld]


    How is that ironic? Removing support for older OS is a strategy to get people to upgrade

      I wouldn't hesitate from upgrading vista to windows 7 so I don't see the problem :P

        Guys, not everyone has the money to upgrade, and many have been tricked into "the best operating system ever".

        It's Microsoft afterall, irony is what they do best.

      You have really missed the irony here, its ironic because microsoft are dropping support for one of their own products which isnt really that old.

    How lame. Firefox, Chrome, Opera and heck, even Apple's Safari works on XP and definately Vista. Microsoft not supporting their own previous OSes when third-parties (and Apple!) does? Priceless.

      It needs to be dropped at some point. IE9 only came out recently so IE10 will still be a long way away providing that M$ releases new browsers on an average of 4 years.

      After 'Windows 8' gets release it will be Windows XP's 11th year and by then most browsers and software will be dropping support.

    Not ironic. Just Business. Officially Vista came packaged with IE7. Also they have stop supporting Windows XP with IE9. Vista is now a five year old OS. So I would like to see them force progressive development by stopping support for older OSs.

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