Kogan Takes Suggestion From Facebook User, Creates Soundbar

2011 looks to be shaping up as a huge year for Kogan - just a week after announcing its first Android powered tablet, the company has released a soundbar product, based on a suggestion from a user from Facebook.

The soundbar, which includes a 5.5-inch wireless subwoofer and 75W of SRS virtual surround sound, is currently selling for about $131 on Kogan's LivePrice model, but will sell for $199 when it starts shipping at the start of June.

While the soundbar is far from a unique product in the market - and the Kogan model is far rom the best looking one out there - it's a nice touch that the impetus to launch its own model came from a customer sending the company a message on Facebook. When was the last time a big-name Japanese consumer tech company built a product because a customer asked them to on Facebook?


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