JawSaw Is Equally Equipped For Tree Grooming, Zombie Defence

The chainsaw, unwieldy as it can be, is a simple enough design to take for granted. The Worx JawSaw, on the other hand, is both cleverly formed, and incredibly formidable looking - whether you're looking chopping dead wood or undead.

The JawSaw is basically a big shredding chainsaw mouth on a stick - electrically powered (no gas to mess with!) and safe to cut with on the ground, without fear of limb-severing kickbacks. Since it does have a mouth-shaped cutting area, you're confined to tearing through things of a set width - unlike a normal chainsaw, which can really hack apart anything. But for anything you can fit in there, we'd imagine it'd be a pretty good sawin' time. [Worx via Uncrate]

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