Is This That Thing You Lost In The Tornado? This Lady Found It.

After the surviving the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and the rest of Alabama on Wednesday night, Patty Bullion began to notice random photos and documents washing up in her front yard. Figuring they belonged to somebody, she began posting them in a public Facebook group to see if anybody would claim them. They did.

Yearbook pages, traffic tickets, mortgage notes ultrasound photos, a quilt and a photo of some woman having a lot of fun on a mechanical bull. Bullion came across all of these things and couldn't bear to just throw them away.

"As I was picking them up, I was thinking that I'm picking up people's lives here, and I've got to find a way to get this back to them," she said.

According to the AP, over 600 lost items have been posted in the group (by Bullion and others), and nearly 40 items have been claimed. We scoured through the many, many objects and picked out a few of the more interesting items lost in the Tornado. Hopefully they get back to their rightful owners! [Facebook via AP]

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