Idiot Uses Live WWII Grenade As Paperweight

Idiot Uses Live WWII Grenade As Paperweight

Oh, boy. After running the plates of a suspicious vehicle and finding an outstanding arrest warrant, Birmingham police pulled over and searched the car in question. Inside the found a man, his lady friend and a live grenade from WWII. He’s been using it, he says, as a paperweight.

The bomb squad was called in, racial slurs were yelled, arrests were made. Apparently the man received the explosive when he was 16 as a gift from his grandfather, never realising – or caring? – that it could still blow. Like, say, this other idiot’s grenade bookend did.

The money quote comes courtesy of Birmingham police bomb squad commander Sgt. Andre Washington, who said of the grenade:

“It could have done some serious damage, especially to the human body.”

Truer words, etc. [, Photo credit: ATF]