I Implore Every Public Bathroom To Install These Toepeners

I'm not saying I'm as bad as Howard Hughes, but I will confess to always tearing a bit of toilet-roll of paper towel off and using it to open public bathroom doors on my way out.

At $US50 a pop, these Toepeners would surely end up saving shopping centres, offices and other public venues money over the long run, with less paper wasted and thrown on the floor. Not to mention the debt to society they owe, with 999,999,999* different types of germs transmitted on bathroom handles every day. Public bathrooms of the world, please unite and buy a Toepener or two now! [Toepener via Marginal Revolution via OhGizmo]

*I could've just made that stat up. But I wouldn't be surprised if it were true!



    Brilliant idea, but in the Australian nanny state, some drunk will lose his balance, fall over, crack his skull open and sue the pub/bar/nightclub for everything it's worth. Tragic, yes, but you know I'm right!

    It's great - except that you're standing on one leg after a few drinks at the pub & some guy barges in from the other side, knocking you even more off balance.

      Oh yeah and good luck if you're in a wheelchair or on crutches! Then again, they'd probably still have the "traditional" mechanism.

    Jester and Stew hit the nail on the head. Not only that but bad idea in shopping centers as well. Lol I can picture some overweight noob trying it out and toppling themselves over.

    they should make the door opening automated, like star trek :)

    But not only that how about the basin tap we're getting germs from turning it on and off. It too should be toe operated. and i don't mean you got to flip your foot over the basin to turn the tap on :) Something on the floor that you press that turns on for a few seconds.

      My college here in Canberra has a large button that you lean on slightly with your leg, and it turns the tap on....plus the awesome new hand dryers :D

    Nevermind drunks and fat people, what about skinny buggers standing there on one leg while they get hit with the door as some fat, drunk or fat and drunk person comes barging IN to the dunny.

    Seriously people, whats so hard about using 4th and 5th fingers on your left hand (or right hand if you're a leftie) to open the door? I mean, sure its not COMPLETELY germ proof, but no one puts those fingers anywhere near their mouths, and you're gonna end up touching germs with the rest of your fingers sooner or later anyway.

    Though, having said that - simpler suggestion for the bathroom door conundrum: reverse the hinges on all doors (ie pull open to enter the bathroom, push open to exit). That way you're touching the handle BEFORE you wash you hands, and can use a wrist or an elbow to push the door open on your way out. Simple.

    Stepnpull has been around for a few years they are great and only 29.00

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