GE PJ1 Camera Is A Pocket Projector

The Nikon s1000pj point and shoot camera was a revelation, cramming a pico projector into a compact camera's body. But it was also one of a kind, with few companies daring to follow Nikon's lead into the camera-cum-projector market. Until now. GE has dipped its toes with the PJ1.

Using a TI DLP projector with a 300:1 contrast ratio capable of beaming a 70-inch screen for 70 minutes, the camera also performs on the camera spec side of things. It has a 14.1MP sensor, 7x optical zoom (28-196mm) and records 720p video.

With an RRP of $449, it's significantly cheaper than the Nikon was when it launched back in 2009. Of course, GE doesn't have the same pedigree when it comes to cameras either.


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