Former Miss USA ‘Sexually Molested’ By TSA

Former Miss USA ‘Sexually Molested’ By TSA

Susie Castillo, model and former Miss USA, claims a TSA patdown at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport included touching of her private parts and made her feel like she was being “molested”. In this video she shot right after it happened she’s visibly shaken.

The incident happened last week as Castillo was returning from the premiere of Fast Five in Rio De Janeiro. After hoping to go through the metal detector, she was asked to step through the full-body scanner and refused. Having already endured a patdown at LAX she consented to another one, thinking it was no big deal.

Here’s what happened next, in her own words:

Well, this pat down was completely different. It was MUCH MORE invasive than my first one at LAX, just a week before. To say that I felt invaded is an understatement. What bothered me most was when she ran the back of her hands down my behind, felt around my breasts, and even came in contact with my vagina! Honestly, I was in shock, especially since the woman at LAX never actually touched me there. The TSA employee at DFW touched private area 4 times, going up both legs from behind and from the front, each time touching me there. Was I at my gynecologist’s office? No! This was crazy!

She filed a complaint with the TSA immediately after the experience, which we’ve got scanned to the side. In the complaint she says she feels “violated” and “degraded” and hopes they’ll chance a policy she feels is a violation of her rights.

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