FDA Finds Rat Droppings ‘Too Numerous To Count’ On Delta Flight

FDA Finds Rat Droppings ‘Too Numerous To Count’ On Delta Flight

Do you have a fear of flying? It’s only natural. There are many frightening things about air travel that are completely out of your control. And here’s another one: Rats. Pooping rats.

The US Food and Drug Administration has sent a letter of warning (they’re really into those, these days) to Delta Airlines CEO Richard Anderson, in which they cited health code violations found on a routine inspection earlier this year. The letter references “rodent excreta pellets (too numerous to count)” found in ceiling panels and in food prep areas.

Delta wants to put things in perspective:

“This clearly was an isolated incident and we cooperated with the FDA immediately to resolve it earlier this year,” said Delta’s director of communications, Ashley Black.

Except it wasn’t? Back in 2009, a London-bound Delta flight was grounded at JFK after a passenger reported seeing a mouse in the cabin.

So, yeah – rats in the food prep area. Luckily, “in-flight meals”, as our parents’ generation used to know them, have long since gone the way of the smoking section, and the heavily regulated peanuts we still enjoy are hermetically sealed for your feces-free convenience. [ABC News, photo via Getty]

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