Everything You Ever Wanted To Read About Chernobyl

Everything You Ever Wanted To Read About Chernobyl

With everything that’s happened in Japan in past months, it’s no surprise that world – and web – is keenly aware of today’s ominous anniversary. From incredible galleries to deep analysis, here’s the most impressive Chernobyl coverage we’ve seen:

GALLERY Boston.com has a great photo gallery of Chernobyl and Pripyat, 25 years later.

TOURISM The Atlantic visited the Ukraine, and meditates how you turn a nuclear disaster site into a tourist hot spot.

SURVIVORS Pripyat wasn’t the only town near to – or affected by – the meltdown at the nuclear power plant. The New York Times visited Redkovka, Ukraine: also devastated, but still inhabited.

IAEA It’s no surprise that the International Atomic Energy Agency is interested in Chernobyl, but the coverage of the anniversary is unexpectedly inspired, featuring everything from video interviews with survivors to a deep analysis of what went wrong.

CHILDREN Here’s an amazing story of a woman who might be the youngest survivor of the disaster – she was in her mother’s womb on April 26th, 1986, and nearly didn’t make it out.

FARMERS Norway isn’t the first country you’d think would be affected by the explosion at Chernobyl, but Norwegian farmers are apparently still dealing with the aftermath.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Another country you wouldn’t expect to play a significant part in the story of Chernobyl is Argentina. But the South American nation forged an agreement with Ukraine to play safe haven for some of the victims of the disaster, allowing them to start new lives.

MORE PHOTOS Those are the highlights, but, if you can’t get enough of photo galleries, there are tons more: from Tim Seuss, English Russia, NPR, USA Today, and MSNBC.

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