Easy Alarms Fixes Every Alarm Clock Annoyance

Easy Alarms Fixes Every Alarm Clock Annoyance

iOS’ stock alarm app isn’t bad, per se, but it sure isn’t the easiest to use. Free app Easy Alarms fixes all the stock alarm app’s annoyances, letting you skip alarms, pick your snooze time and more with just one tap.

It may not be as out there as some of the apps in our mobile alarm Hive Five, but if you aren’t looking for something that tracks your sleep patterns, it’s probably the perfect replacement for the stock alarm app. It gives you just a few extra options that are essential to anyone that relies on alarms. For example, you can pick how long an alarm snoozes when you snooze it, or the ability to skip the next instance of that alarm without turning it off entirely (and forgetting to turn it back on later). It also has a timer function, so you can turn on any timer you use often (like a timer for your laundry) with one swipe.

Easy Alarms is a free app for iOS devices.

Easy Alarms [iTunes App Store via Macworld]

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