Doro Has A Mobile Phone For Your Nanna

While the geeks here at Gizmodo live and breathe smartphones, sometimes it's important to step back and remember that old people need mobile phones too. So let's take a look at the Doro PhoneEasy 410s, a clamshell phone specifically designed to meet the needs of your nanna.

Costing $169 from Telechoice, the Doro handset has some of those key features every senior wants and needs. It boasts big buttons on its keypad, a high contrast display with large, easy to read font, and amplified sound with hearing aid compatibility. But the key feature is a dedicated emergency button that can contact up to five people simultaneously when held down for a few seconds, so in an emergency your nanna can let you know without having to search for your number.

There's no 3G, no apps, and no advanced features. But it is cheap and easy to use, which is exactly what your nanna will love. Hopefully.


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