Ditch Your Laptop While Photographing With Photosmith

Convergence! Its the best, right? My phone replaced my camera, GPS, and the need to throw birds at pigs in real life. Ditching superfluous gear is great. Photosmith will lighten your photographic load, iPad-loading pics straight from your camera.

One major caveat: Photosmith only works with Adobe Lightroom, so if you're an Aperture fan, this one isn't for you. Otherwise, it seems pretty neat - with a camera connector, email or Eye-Fi card, push all the photos you want onto your iPad and get to work organising, tagging and sharing your work. Photosmith supports all the usual formats, including RAW files. An iPad is still a piece of gear, but it'll save you some poundage to be lugged around while on a shoot. [iTunes via Wired]

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