Did A Sex Tape Force A Man To Spy On Al-Qaeda?

Did A Sex Tape Force A Man To Spy On Al-Qaeda?

In a new file released by WikiLeaks, Abd Al Rahim Abdul Raza Janko told interrogators at Guantanamo Bay that he was forced to spy on Al-Qaeda when he was blackmailed with a sex tape.

Janko, a student at the time, says it all started when he was invited to hang out with Prince Fisal Sudid Qasmi at a party in the UAE. The party turned out to be a bonafide sex party and Janko fell for the trap and participated.

Weeks later, Qasmi approached Janko and said he had video taped the entire party and would give the tape to television networks and his family if he didn’t become a spy for the UAE. This kicked off a sordid tale where he would spy on his classmates from Qatar and the Philippines, find himself in Afghanistan collecting information about al-Qaeda and even living in an al-Qaeda guesthouse and receiving training on rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles and pistols from al-Qaeda. He became a spy inside al-Qaeda because of a sex tape! He was eventually confronted by al-Qaeda officials as being a spy for the UAE and the US and then tortured and taken prisoner until al-Qaeda fled the region.

Of course, this is just one man’s story. Janko has a history of mental health problem that includes “substance abuse, depression, borderline personality disorder, and prior suicide attempt.” too, so we don’t know how truthful he is. He’s also lied to interrogators before to please them and changes his story so many times that “it is difficult to determine what is factual, what may be a cover story, and what may be embellishment or fabrication”.

Nonetheless, Janko’s tale is part of a long standing ‘tradition’ of intelligence officials using sex to blackmail certain citizens to spy for them. Read more about Janko at WikiLeaks. [WikiLeaks via Wired—Danger Room]