12 Wicked Helmets For Protecting Your Pretty Face

Look, nothing ruins your chances of getting a date like being repeatedly stabbed in the face. That's why we invented helmets - and the practice of screaming "NOT IN THE FACE!" Our friends at Oobject.com have some excellent examples of the former.

16th C Iranian helmet with mask

Armour helmet in the shape of a lion, 15th century

Armoured face mask

Bronze Roman battle helmet

Bug-eyed Renaissance armour helmet

Edo period gold lacquer face armour with horsehair moustache

Helmet for Charles V, made by Filippo Negroli of Milan

Renaissance armoured helmet

Roman Cavalry face mask

Swedish face masks for Arctic War

The horned helmet of Henry VIII

WWII pilot face armour

Your head is now safe, sure. But what about the rest of you? Wouldn't some full-body armour be nice? Or some for your pets? Maybe some hardcore explorer gear to keep you dry?

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