Your PS3 Headset Isn't As Badass As This Guy's

When el8id games on his PS3, he doesn't use a regular Bluetooth headset. He uses a military-issue helmet from the 1980s, making him look more like "Maverick" than "some guy playing a video game".

Buying the helmet for $US22 from a thrift store, el8id kept some of the original wiring and components inside and replaced others with more modern updates. What he got after all that work was an all-in-one audio solution, combining stereo headphones with a microphone in a helmet that he can use not just on his PS3, but his cell phone and TV as well.

And suddenly my fancy PC headphones look like children's toys. Thanks a lot, buddy.

Handsfree Heli Helmet [Arthive, via Make]

Republished from Kotaku

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