Would Sir Like A Geiger Counter With That Sushi?

A Taiwanese restaurant isn't doing anything to sate those fears over radiation, supplying a Geiger counter with every order of sushi. According to the restaurant manager, customers were actually asking for it, but surely handing them out actually encourages fear of radioactive contamination, even if said sashimi is deemed clear?

Sure, the seawater around the Fukushima prefecture may have higher-than-normal levels of radiation, but I'm willing to bet that the seafood being exported from Japan isn't coming from that area. In addition to that, all Japanese food being exported is being checked for radiation levels.

While the Peony restaurant's manager says the sushi they're serving up is fine, she did admit that the biggest problem they're facing is the delay in receiving it, thanks to the radiation checks at customs. Erica Wang said that "normally the wholesaler gets the fish at about 6am-7am and we receive them at 10am at the latest", but now it's arriving at least a day later. [Financial Times]

Image via Roboppy/Flickr

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