Would-Be Pipe-Bomber Busted By His Own Facebook Profile

Would-Be Pipe-Bomber Busted By His Own Facebook Profile

Thank goodness most criminals aren’t masterminds. Like Ernesto Garcia-Bristo here, a 26-year old man who was recently arrested in Ocean City, MD for possession of two pipe bombs. How did the cops track down such a menace? Oh, you know, just cruising by his Facebook profile.

In the course of an immigration investigation – Garcia-Bristo was suposed to be deported in 2008 – an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent headed to his Facebook page for some basic reconnoissance. What he found? A picture of a Hispanic male matching Garcia-Bristo’s build, with a black ski mask over his head, holding what appeared to be two pipe bombs. And in the response to a comment asking if the explosives were “one of [his]creations,” Garcia-Bristo responded:

C’mon, don’t you remember, Fat Boy, it’s the one we did in 76th, it was a gift for that [expletive] . Thank god they understood, because otherwise BBBBUUUMMM to hell.

Garcia-Bristo used to live on 76th St.

Obviously, the man is innocent until proven guilty, and it could be that he makes a habit out of giving pipe-bomb props to close friends. But more generally: please, bad people of the world. Keep sharing records of everything you’ve done wrong on Facebook. Heck, you can even tweet about it. Or start a Tumblr! It makes things so much easier for the rest of us. [Ocean City Today via Obscure Store]