Why Do So Many Movie Trailers Debut On Apple.com?

When a new movie trailer makes the scene (legally, anyway), the first place you'll find it is often apple.com/trailers. Which seems odd! But according to this recent Quora post, there's good (Star Wars-related) reason for it:

It started as a showcase for QuickTime, at the time of first launch we only had a handful of trailers and one or two studios. It was really the Phantom Menace trailer that put apple.com/trailers into the spotlight. Lucasfilm had posted a rather crappy trailer on their site, the team at Apple was appalled. Through DNS records, the web team at Apple managed to contact the Star Wars web team and set up a meeting. That single trailer showcased QuickTime's quality over RealVideo by leaps and bounds, and quickly surpassed over 1 million downloads to become the most popular web video of the internet in that time.

Basically? Back in the earlier days of streaming video, Apple was the most reliable vendor. And those relationships have held firm. [Quora]

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