Visa Launches 4 Week Mobile NFC Payment Trial

All signs are pointing towards Near Field Communications, or NFC for the uninitiated, being the next big thing in mobile phones. The tech has received a new push this week, with Visa partnering with ANZ to launch a four week trial of NFC phone payments using a special iPhone case and application.

The trial, which begun this week in Sydney and Melbourne and is being conducted by Visa staff using NFC-enabled protective iPhone cases and a dedicated Visa PayWave application.The case itself, developed by DeviceFidelity, uses a MicroSD card to store a customers banking details, and combines with the Visa application to make secure payments under $100.

The system works with the PayWave terminals already installed at over 20,000 retail stores around the country. To make a payment, the user needs to launch the PayWave app and then activate the payment before the transaction is made.

Despite the fact that this is a limited trial, it looks like NFC payments from mobile phones are going to launch sooner than later in Australia. Which is fantastic news!



    Oh c'mon Apple, no NFC in the new iPhones? Imagine if you started charging 30% for in-app purchases!

    So I reach into my pocket, take out my phone, turn off screen lock, go into app, swipe the screen to turn app on and then swipe my phone on Paywave. Or I just take my wallet out of my pocket, take out card and swipe card on Paywave. This tech seems a bit backwards and will cause an increase in phone theft.

    How is this any better than having an RFID Mastercard that you can wave around?

    It is not supposed to make it 'easier' to use... It is supposed to make it more secure to use PayWave because they would need to have the phone password etc to be able to get access to the PayWave rather than just stealing the card out of your wallet...

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