Virgin Blue Flight Attendant Puts 17-Month Old In The Overhead Storage Bin

Natalie Williamson and her husband were boarding a Virgin Blue flight from Fiji to Sydney recently, when a flight attendant picked up their 17-month old son, put him in the overhead bin, and locked it. It was 10 seconds before the boy was released. It goes on record as the worst-ever game of peek-a-boo.

To make up for the—inconvenience? horrible negligence?—incident, Virgin Blue has fired the offending steward and offered Ms. Williamson and her family three free flight vouchers. Vouchers which, unfortunately, they're still too traumatized to use.

So, horrible, yes. But also not a bad plug for how roomy the overhead compartments are on Virgin Blue, no? Yeah, no, you're right. [Herald Sun via Huffington Post]


    I didn't read EVERY comment, but I couldn't find one that supported this pathetic women.
    Too funny

    so... did she KNOW? or was he like, in a carrier, and she absentmindedly thought it was luggage?

    I mean, either way, unacceptable, but still. I'm curious.

      From the article:

      "Virgin has admitted an incident did take place, but claims Ms Williamson's husband was playing a peek-a-boo game with Riley involving the overhead compartment when the flight attendant joined in."

      Not that this makes it in any way acceptable, but it at least makes a little more sense.

    are you seriously taking the flight attendant side?
    if would happen to me, and a stupid flight attendant put my boy in the overhead bin, i would probably beat him unconsciously!

    I'm sure it was just a prank, people have to chill out.. this poor woman has lost her job.

    Read the full story at Herald Sun. Pathetic, if not fabricated.

    If this mother is for real, please euthanise.

    it was pacific blue and apparently the father of the child was "in on the joke"

    Someone should have probably mentioned here that the parents had in fact put the kid into carry on luggage to avoid paying for him. So if anything the parents should be charged not virgin. How was she suppose to know the duffle bag had a kid in it. Shame...

    And what - the parents stood idly by and watched her do it? Cretins.

    Ole - yes she knew. She and her husband were playing peekabo with the kid before it happened (which was probably annoying for surrounding passengers). The kid is fine, attendant fired, but mother is so traumatised she wants lots if money for her year of anxiety and depression. Mmmm...

    I've often wished parents would put their crying baby in the ooverhead lockers on flights

    How is this fair? Last time I asked if I could take a nap in the overhead compartment because their seats are so uncomfortable, I wasn't allowed. It might be a bit chilly, but I wouldn't mind. Now it seems like they are letting any one up there...sheesh!

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