Unlock Deals By Checking Into Places On Google Latitude

"Foursquare who?" asks Google, as they roll out 60 check-in offers in Austin, Texas, to coincide with the SXSW nerdfest. All users have to do is check into the business, say a cafe, and see if they're offering any special deals.

Over time, you will be awarded special status, as either a "Regular", "VIP" or "Guru", with businesses able to offer these different levels various "unlockable" offers. Google Latitude = officially now a real-life video game. [Google Blog]


    Just in passing...the hubris of your statement about banning statements you deem "boring, obnoxious," etc., was breath taking.
    Not good to take yourselves so seriously. Suggest you be a bit less arrogant and more invitational. That is, after all, what soc media is all about

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