Time Warner Cable Charges Man $US16 Million To Watch March Madness

How much do you love basketball? Enough to pay your cable bill? Probably Enough to pay $US16 million dollars? Probably not! So you can imagine the surprise of Ohioan Daniel DeVirgilio when he learned TWC tried to do just that.

DeVirgilio learned of what TWC is describing as a "human error" only when he saw that his credit card had been declined for the $US16,409,112 bill—what are you Dan, some sort of pauper? "All I want to do is watch March Madness," DeVirgilio laments. "I didn't really expect to pay $US16 million to watch the Sweet 16."

Well, I guess you don't really love basketball as much as we all thought you did, Dan. [Dayton Daily News]

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