These Video Game Masterpieces Are Nothing But Text

These Video Game Masterpieces Are Nothing But Text

What if, instead of action figures and comic books, our favourite video games inspired classic, dog-eared works of literature instead?

These images by A. J. Hateley show us just such a scenario, taking some fairly random games – a little Half-Life 2 here, a little Deadly Premonition there – and basing torn old books on their stories and worlds. Some are literal interpretations – much like those back in 2009 – while others go a little further, becoming pieces of fiction merely based upon (or inspired by) the source material.

As a man who has allergic reactions these days to heady works of literature, I think I might just settle in with a glass of wine and that “Green Influenza” survival guide. You never know when it’ll come in handy!

Wilderness As A Girl [AJ Hately, via it 8-bit]


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