These Pictures Of Afghanistan Were Shot In Secret

The Atlantic's In Focus has a really great set of pictures taken in Afghanistan. Because of recent targeted attacks against journalists there, using a snazzy camera out in the open can get a little dangerous. So in order to take these pictures, Louie Palu, the photographer, had to use a panoramic camera hidden under a scarf. He explains:

"I began using a super-wide panoramic camera, which allowed me to photograph scenes with the camera wrapped in a scarf or hidden under my arm. The lens has a small motor in it that starts at one side and revolves 120 degrees to capture a cinematic view of what I was seeing. The resulting pictures, shot on black-and-white film, are sometimes-distorted, long-and-narrow panoramas, but they also capture the environment in an unguarded and authentic way."

Gotta love the dedication given the circumstances. Check out the full set at In Focus. [In Focus]

This is a picture of Palu tailing a suspected insurgent.

And here's Afghan men buying and selling fruit in a stand as a US-led patrol drives by.

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