The WattsClever Lets You Recharge Alkaline Batteries

As a lifelong geek, it's long been drilled into me that you can't stick alkaline batteries in a battery recharger. Subsequently, the WattsClever Alkaline battery charger scares the hell out of me.

According to the product page on Latestbuy, the charger will charge not just alkaline batteries, but also NiMH and NiCd batteries too. It uses a microprocessor to control the alkaline recharge, reducing the risk of breakage or chemical leakage, and has a safety timer to cut off the charge when the battery is charged.

You can reportedly get between 10 to 20 recharges from a standard alkaline battery using this charger, unless the battery is completely dead. Which means that the $50 device will pay for itself within the first pack of batteries you recharge.


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