The Red Square Nebula Rips A Hole In Space-time

This might look like some weird cosmic gateway straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey or a particularly trippy old-school Doctor Who adventure, but the Red Square Nebula is completely real. Just don't ask astronomers to explain its bizarre shape. [io9]


    There's nothing strange about it's appearance at all. It's simply an hour-glass shape, seen from the side. Sorry to burst your bubble!

    I'm surprised the astronomers didn't explain this immediately.

    Yeah this is so fascinating; I’m just amazed at its square shape. Would love to know some facts about this phenomenon. God has made an interesting universe, and we don't really know much about it. Found out that 90% of matter in the universe is plasma, and the properties of it are really weird.

      "God has made an interesting universe"

      The big bang and evolution have made an interesting universe. A fictional character had nothing to do with it.

        @Simon Reidy, can you supply some proof for that statement? Also, it would be nice if you would head over and read a few articles such as and WITH AN OPEN MIND, and then consider the facts, instead of listening to society and scientists as if it's always right, no matter what.

        PS: If you want to call this a rant, feel free to do so. But do realize that you may be ranting as much as me without realizing it.

          Sorry, if you're talking Christianity, only bibles count, and maybe the books left out. If you're not going to use science properly, then don't use it at all.
 will clear up any of that creationism in you in any case

    this picture is absolutely amazing, I don't know how anyone can not find this incredib.

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