The Incredible Story Of A Dog Named Wall-E Who Resurrected Himself After Being Put Down

That cute little dog, now named Wall-E, isn't supposed to be alive. He (along with the rest of his littermates) was abandoned in front of a shelter and since the shelter didn't have any room to care for him, was put to sleep.

Wall-E was euthanised twice, with lethal injections to both his heart and limbs, and was pronounced dead after a stethoscope test. They discarded Wall-E and the other dogs in a trash dumpster and moved on.

But! The story doesn't end there. Amazingly, the next day Wall-E wasn't dead. He was somehow resurrected, alive and kicking. Hell, he was healthy as can be, walking around inside the dumpster (his littermates all died) and just doing dog things. An angel dog they called him. A survivor, a fighter and a medical miracle. [PetFinder via Discovery]

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