The Cyrosauna Is Helping Athletes Get Better With Liquid Nitrogen

In a long line of crazy things athletes do to gain an edge, this might be on par with poking yourself in the butt with a needle. From the brainchild of mad scientist trainer Alberto Salazar comes the cyrosauna.

It's a machine that pumps nitrogen gas into a cylinder, where the athlete stands, and drops the temperature to below negative 128 Celcius for a short amount of time. The idea, though not scientifically proven yet, is that the body believes its dying and rushes blood to the vital organs. When the athlete jumps out of the cell two minutes later, all that focused blood rushes back through the rest of the body, which ideally provide insane rejuvenation. An athlete who uses the cyrosauna said it's like an ice bath, but you only need to do it for two minutes. [WSJ via Neatorama]

Image Credit: Pop Sci

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