The Android Apps Everyone Should Have Feb 2011

It's that time of the month again, which is to say it's time to clean up our list of the absolute best Android apps. What new apps will show up? Which apps get the boot?


Words with Friends: Finally available on Android, Words with Friends lets you dominate your Android and iPhone-wielding friends (cross-platform gaming!) with your vocabulary skills and astute tile placement. Free.

MLB at Bat 2011: Hands down, the best sports application on any device. You'll be able to keep up with your favourite team in a snazzy new customizable homescreen and stream live games (if you have a package). For any self respecting baseball fan, it's an absolute must have. $15.43.

SoundHound: Shazam gets all the pub but SoundHound is just as good at identifying music and better for Android because there's no limit on how many songs you tag per month. Soundhound also throws in lyrics and links to videos too. Free.


WordFeud: It's just as fun as Words with Friends but limits itself by not offering cross-platform gaming.

Shazam: Doesn't offer unlimited song tagging in the free version of the app. Soundhound does.

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