TetherGPS Android App Turns Your Nook Into A GPS Navigation Device

You love snuggling up with your Nook and reading, but sometimes you just wish you could take it out for a drive and use it to navigate the world. Well, thanks to an app called TetherGPS—and your Android phone—you can do just that.

TetherGPS works with nearly any Android tablet—not just the Nook Color—and it basically tethers your tablet to a GPS-enabled Android phone via Wi-Fi. The Android phone will feed GPS data to the tablet device, and you'll get to navigate using a gadget with a larger screen.

Yes, the whole thing is a bit silly and realistically barely any people would want to use their ebook readers or other tablets to navigate when they can just as well use their phones in the first place.

Those strange and curious enough to try TetherGPS out should keep in mind that there is a free trial version—so there's no need to waste three bucks on an app you'll probably use only once for the novelty of it. [Review Horizon via Android Community via Fast Company]

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