Telstra Launching New Post Paid 'Freedom Connect' Plans On March 29

If you're thinking of signing up to a Telstra post paid contract this week, it might be prudent to stop and wait for a week or so - according to a source within Telstra, the Telco is planning on launching new post-paid plans on March 29.

The timing of the plans coincides with discussions on Whirlpool about current Telstra plans ceasing to be available after March 28. According to our source the new plans, which are to be dubbed "Freedom Connect", will include unlimited national SMS messages in all plans over $59 a month.

There will be five plans on offer, starting at $49 a month, as broken down in the table below:

The Freedom Connect plans are set to replace the current set of cap plans, which looks like a bit of an improvement on the included data and call value front. It will also alleviate some of the concerns from potential customers wary of the move to per-minute billing.

Telstra are yet to officially announce the plans, but given we're only a week away from the launch date, expect that information to be made available any day now.

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