St George Launches Windows Phone 7 'Lite' Banking App

When it comes to dedicated banking mobile applications, the majority of the banks fail. Most Mobile banking offerings are little more than a link to the mobile banking site through your phone's browser. St George has taken a small step in the right direction, launching a Mobile Banking 'Lite' app for Windows Phone 7.

The app earns its "Lite" stripes by only letting you check the account balance details of your St George accounts - there's no options for transfers or detailed searches this time around. But it does offer the convenience of a dedicated mobile banking app in that once you enter your internet banking details once, you only need to enter your password each subsequent time you access the app, making it a lot more convenient to check your funds.

The other interesting thing about this app is that St George opted to launch on Windows Phone 7, a platform that is firmly behind iOS, Android and even BlackBerry in the Australian market. The bank has said that they will roll out the Mobile Banking Lite feature to its iOS and Android apps in April.

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