Sony Develops 17.7MP CMOS Sensor For Mobile Phones

The megapixel debate is about to rear its ugly head again, now that Sony has revealed it has developed a CMOS-based Exmor 17.7 megapixel sensor that is small enough to be used in mobile phones. And we thought 8MP on a camera was image processing overkill, considering most phone lenses are too small to produce an optimum result.

The big development was revealed by Japanese newspaper Nikkei, who described the sensor as also being able to shoot video at up to 120 frames per second, not that you would really need that on a phone. The sensor may one day be built for other manufacturers (such as the iPhone), in addition to regular point and shoot cameras including Sony’s own CyberShot series.

Let the megapixel debate begin!

[via Electronista]

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