Rogue Cop Ruins Rodeo Cook-Off With Tear Gas Attack

Houston police officer Mike Hamby is facing some serious What the hell, man questioning from his colleagues after attacking a rival team during a rodeo BBQ competition. Stop and process that sentence. Nobody knows why Hamby loosed the attack, either.

Clearly, Hamby didn’t think the contest was going well for his team, and that the remedy was bombing his rivals with a gas grenade. The results? Not pretty: “We became the unwelcome recipients of the gas…” says a USO spokesperson who was caught in the fumes. “We were devastated by it. We have elderly people, and I have two folks that night who were a double and triple amputee in wheelchairs.” Classy move, Officer Hamby!

Rodeo officials have emphasised that the use of tear gas during the cook-off was strictly against rodeo rules. Strictly. [Houston Chronicle]